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WELCOME TO Clean Your Home & Office

We can offer you a substantial saving on your current cleaning bill without compromising the quality of the cleaning service. So please contact us for a FREE estimate and one of our friendly staff will contact you with a quote as soon as possible.


I have dedicated many years working with rental and Airbnb.  During this time we have gained vast experience with our cleaning services, complete with eco-friendly supplies, and excellent detailing in preparing the rooms.  Now, as a Superhost  of Airbnb  we have created a solid and professional team who are committed to the highest level of expectations.  Our staff maintains policy, and has a fiduciary responsibility to the welfare, private property, and belongings of our guests during their stay.

Clean Details

✔ Dust furnitures
✔ Dust frames and Shelves
✔ Clean TV screen
✔ Dust window sills and baseboards
✔ Vacuum stairs
✔ Clean and shine sinks
✔ Clean all counter tops
✔ Clean Microwave
✔ Wipe down table and chairs
✔ Empty trash
✔ Vacuum and wash floor
✔ Clean counter {vanity} and mirrors
✔ Shower and bathtub scrubbed and disinfected
✔ Clean and disinfect toilet
✔ Wipe outside cabinets
✔ Shake out bath mat
Inside Oven
Inside Fridge
Clean windows from inside
Dust blinds (we don’t provide spot cleaning)
Hight dust (shelves, cabinets, fans)

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our cleaning service represents the highest standards in the industry.  We strive to provide the professional cleaning services that everyone can be proud of.  Your comfort is the key.  This is why we work very hard to keep our team up to date with new methods and products to give you satisfaction every time you call us.  Clean Your Home & Office Services is ready for you anywhere in the GTA, anytime you need us.

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